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We are searching for the Top Transportation Teams in North America so we can give them the recognition they deserve.  

The Top Transportation Teams Award Program shines a spotlight on the best transportation departments and bus contractors in North America based on anonymous surveys taken by team members. 

Now in its second year, competition is expected to be more fierce as 2023 winners attempt to repeat even as more teams are nominated. The winners will demonstrate how they go above and beyond just “getting the job done,” showing their resourcefulness, creativity and perseverance in building, cultivating and expanding their teams in one of the most challenging times in school transportation history.  

The Top Transportation Teams winners also will provide a recipe for how other school districts can improve their cultures as well as their recruitment and retention efforts. 

Like in 2023, the winners will be recognized at a ceremony, written about in School Transportation News, highlighted on numerous social media platforms, and included in news releases, podcasts and webinars. This is a big deal! 


The Top Transportation Teams Award Program is open to any school district or bus contractor serving school districts in North America. 

Why Participate:

  • Bragging rights, pure and simple. To receive a Top Transportation Teams Award provides you and your team with a very special recognition that sets you apart from your peers. 
  • Your team benefits simply by being enrolled in the program as your team members encourage participation among their colleagues. Nothing rallies a team like a common mission. Just the act of being nominated will encourage your team to think about how they are as a team or what it takes to join the ranks of the Top Transportation Teams in North America. 
  • When participating, your team will be answering questions that will get everyone thinking about your operation in a new light and will certainly lead to conversations about how your department or company operates and how your team can get even better. 
  • All participants will receive an overview report summarizing the results. Reviewing these results with your team will give you a conversation starter on what adjustments you may want to make in your department or company. 

Award Program Guide

What to expect 

STEP 1: Nominate your school district or bus contractor by completing the nomination form which is linked below. All districts or companies must be nominated by Dec. 15, 2023. 

STEP 2: Once your nomination is officially accepted, you will receive a survey from Transfinder to set up your enrollment. This survey will collect information such as the main contact person (survey administrator) in your department or company (transportation supervisor, office manager, business manager, transportation secretary, etc.). Your survey administrator will confirm your district/company information and upload your team’s email addresses. Your team’s email addresses are critical in order for them to receive the Top Transportation Teams Employee Survey. All members of your team (bus drivers, routers, dispatchers, and anyone else considered a member of your transportation department) must be invited to take the survey. Note: Each email with a survey link is unique and cannot be forwarded to another person. 

STEP 3: Prepare your team to receive the survey. Tell your team that you are now enrolled in the Top Transportation Teams Award Program and to expect a survey in their inbox from Please pass this on to your IT team to ensure email deliverability. 

STEP 4: Survey.  By the week of Jan. 15, 2024, employees will receive an email with a link to the survey which will ask your team members to anonymously evaluate their department/employer in a variety of areas. Surveys must be completed by March 1, 2024. The greater the number of employees to complete the surveys, the better your data to review. 

STEP 5: Result tabulation. Results will be tabulated by Transfinder to determine the winners. Each participating district and company will receive an overview report from Transfinder. 

STEP 6: Awards and publication. In June 2024 , the winning team will be notified, and an award will be presented at the STN West Reno conference on July 17, 2024. The winning team(s) will also be featured in STN publication. Top Transportation Teams participating organizations that had employees complete the surveys will receive a report on the survey results for their organization. As a bonus, the top rated departments or organizations will receive full scholarships to the STN Conference in Reno. 

Important notes: You must provide one contact person or more, contact phone number and email address (not the district’s or company’s general email address) in order to be entered in the Top Transportation Teams Award Program. It CANNOT be a public relations company representing another company. 

Important Dates:

Nominations will open soon

Enrollment Ends: Dec. 15, 2023 

Surveys End: March 1, 2024 

Winners Announcement in STN: July 2024 

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