Klein ISD Transportation

John Ferguson, Klein ISD

John Fergerson, Transportation Director for Klein ISD, says subtle changes and better communication revitalized his team over the past two years. He says, “I have seen the team grow from a defeated department to a thriving team.” “The COVID years and lack of communication were very draining on them…treating each other with kindness has really resonated with the group. Fergerson has been creative in his approach to building morale in the department and is “always looking for ways to improve our culture.” He says this “low hanging fruit” does not affect the overall operation but can have a great impact on the team. Fergerson’s team building activities include “Dress Up” days and “Supervisor Friday,” where transportation supervisors will go to the fuel bay on a random Friday to fuel buses. Fergerson says he still follows his mother’s advice to be kind, “You get more flies with honey than with vinegar.” he says, “I believe this to be true today.”

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